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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

网上买球软件 is proud to provide the highest level of safe, quality health care for anyone who turns to us for care regardless of race, 文化, 语言, 宗教, 残疾, 年龄, sexual orientation or identity. We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive and respectful space for all patients, 游客, employees and medical staff free from discrimination, intolerance and harassment. Our 健康 Equity Officers and Executive Lead are creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee which will support the mission, vision and core values of 网上买球软件 and strengthen and enhance cultural competence throughout the organization. The DEI committee will provide input into concerns, 社会决定因素, 教育, policy development and other activities that promote diversity and inclusion.


  • Completed the 2023 Community 健康 Needs Assessment survey to assess the community’s 社会决定因素 of health. Action plans for priority needs will be developed in the fall.
  • Added a floating holiday for all employees to use as they wish to celebrate, observe and/or honor their varying traditions.
  • Activated our 社会决定因素 of health screening tool for all inpatients.
  • Eng年龄d all employees in mandatory professional training to advance equity knowledge.
  • Increased matching dollars at local farmers market for families who participate in the SNAP program (supplemental nutrition assistance program).
  • Continued efforts with our Mobile 健康 Unit to provide access to care.